Monday, August 29, 2016

Review of HOUSE OF LOST GIRLS: Carissa Ann Lynch

Mystery / Thriller / Suspense
Date Published: November 3, 2015


A Wild Rush of a Great Story!!!  

Marianna Bertagnoli is so not thrilled at her mom and stepdad for moving to Flocksdale—and she’s even less so when she arrives. The expletive painted on the welcoming sign tells her all she needs to know, but her parents don’t seem to get the not so subtle hint. The town sucks and even the uber cute guy at the bookstore can’t make the bad go away. Especially when one of the books she purchases in that store chronicles the history of the town where young girls died in all sorts of horrible ways. It isn’t long before history repeats itself, only this time Marianna finds herself at the center of the madness.

Wham! Bang! Whoosh!!! If you like your books fast and suspenseful , you’ll go bonkers for HOUSE OF THE LOST GIRLS by Carissa Ann Lynch. The creepy vibe is established immediately … and the tension? It only gets worse! I was a nervous wreck reading this and found myself screaming at Marianna to get out of the house and Flocksdale so many times, but did she listen? Ha! Characters in books are about as bad at taking advice as those in movies!!!

In case it isn’t apparent from the enthusiasm, I LOVED this story so much!!! Carissa Ann Lynch’s writing is stupendous and doesn’t let up … I mean, never ever! Ms. Lynch is what so many other authors aspire to be! She gets that proper grammar is important, but that storytelling supersedes everything, and that’s what she is, a brilliant storyteller! She does a masterful job of pulling us in and keeping us hanging on her every word. Her writing is positively ADDICTIVE and I kept turning pages and reading, and reading and whimpering, and reading and screaming!!! It was all so darn enjoyable and I had to get to the end to see how this all finished.

The FLOCKSDALE FILES series is amazing—and it keeps getting better. That’s saying something because the first book was good—very good. Carissa Ann Lynch really has a winner here. The heart of the story is something that we want to read about, and the characters she comes up with are downright fascinating—enough to become obsessed with … like Marianna. Marianna is so likable and so over her head in danger that it’s ridiculous, but she persists, getting herself in deeper and deeper … and we go along with her … carrying her baggage for her … and trying to tell her who to trust, but guess what? We don’t know either!!!

This is the ultimate fun, creepy, scary book! There are so many surprises that I guarantee you won’t figure this one out. You know FOX’s SCREAM QUEENS? You know THE HILLS HAVE EYES? Well, combine those two, put the result on steroids inject it with some amphetamines and you’ve got HOUSE OF LOST GIRLS.

Yeah, baby! I’m giving this one some serious stars!!!


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