Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review of FORGOTTEN CHILD: Emily Organ

Mystery / Historical Thriller
Date Published: July 28, 2016


Explodes with excitement!

A casket hidden under the floorboards of Alice Wescott’s home was stolen.  What it contained and what it was doing there is a secret that her husband took to the grave, but several years later, after the initial theft, an uninvited intruder shows up looking for it. Now two people are dead and Alice is left to grapple with the reason for her husband’s actions in hiding it in the first place. It’s a lot to handle, especially when an acquaintance begs Alice to look into the death of her son. Killed in an alleyway and left to bleed to death, are the threats Alice is receiving connected to the casket? The young man’s murder? Or to both? Although secrets may be buried, they never remain that way for long. Especially not when a determined young woman decides to solve the mystery of what is going on.  

FORGOTTEN CHILD by Emily Organ is a WOW!!! It’s the 2nd book in the RUNAWAY GIRL SERIES and this entry overflows with thrills, chills, romance, and adventure! It’s everything a reader asks from a novel—and more.

The writing in this outing is again superb. There’s a surety that sweeps us up and carries us along. The first chapter is yet one example of how effective it can be. I simply love the way it’s written. The pacing is wonderful, the atmosphere thick with peril, and the setting beautifully described. I should add that the story never slows down. I was held captive by the inventiveness of the tale and by the suspense that never wavers. Danger abounds so beware of who you trust!  

While our old favorite characters return, there are lots of new introductions to be made. And don’t worry, Ms. Organ has taken care to bring each one to life. We know their idiosyncrasies as well as their hopes and dreams. There’s a fullness achieved—one that’s complete. It’s much the same as with the story itself. The fleshing out and complexity of detail is so appreciated, as is the very well-placed humor sprinkled about. It breaks up the tension and adds just the right note of levity—and sometimes sarcasm.

The romance between Alice and Jon is lovingly told. There’s a subtlety and deft hand used in letting us peek at their inner thoughts, hopes, and fears. The relationship between Alessandro and his uncle is another. It’s a brutal example of the extremes presented in this story that hits its mark and leaves us breathless.

Ms. Organ has outdone herself and that’s great for us. Is there anything better than a huge delicious novel to sink into at the end of a long day? I think not and she’s delivered on presenting just that. I’d also like to mention that although FORGOTTEN CHILD can be read as a standalone, I urge you to read the series in succession so you catch all the intricacies in terms of how these characters evolve. You’re only going to pick up RUNAWAY GIRL anyway, so you might as well do it right the first time around!

FORGOTTEN CHILD is a sweeping, expansive, whopper of a tale and earns five stars from me! If you’re at all into mystery, suspense, or adventure, do yourself a favor a pick up a copy today! I heartily recommend this series! It’s shaping up to be lovely … just lovely!

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