Monday, September 28, 2015


Took Me by Surprise! Truly enjoyable! death of Peter Lanham has everyone in the town of Braxton, Tennessee understandably shaken, but then it’s not every day someone commits suicide by taking a swan dive off the water tower. Especially not the beloved CEO of Lanham’s Fine Foods. After all, Lanham was rich, handsome and a lover of life, but was he also murdered?   
That is what Matt Bryson of The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and intrepid actress Julia Parker intend to find out. *sound of screeching brakes* Did someone just say “actress”? Yes, actress. It makes perfect sense since she played Ms. Marple on stage. It’s qualification enough, in Ms. Parker’s narrow view, but not in Bryson’s. He insists his colleagues go get a degree in criminology and learn correct police procedures before working on murder investigations, but he’s never run up against someone like the luscious Ms. Parker before … or tripped over his own tongue which is part of the problem.
This is the premise of author Diane Moody’s hilarious romp of a murder mystery. I was not expecting this and thoroughly enjoyed every second of this sparkling brew! The humor, characters, writing and plot conspired to make this an absolute winner.
Julia Parker is just the most delightful character. How can you not love a virginal aspiring actress who prays before each meal? It’s no wonder Matt Bryson can’t keep his hands off her oops did I say that? And her stubbornness in continuing to stick her pert nose in places it doesn’t belong lands her in all kinds of trouble, and that’s lucky for us! OMG, what she doesn’t do!
Ms. Moody has done a superb job—right up until the end. Yup, the ending is poi-fect! Loved it and didn’t see it coming. So if you feel a good book coming on, it’s probably this one. Curl up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and be prepared to be entertained. Great job, Ms. Moody! I shall be reading you again. Definitely five stars!  

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