Wednesday, September 2, 2015

PURIFIED: Elizabeth S. Sullivan

Purified book tour
Elizabeth s. sullivan
excerpt fact it was drizzling did not dim the useful moonlight. The body had been meticulously scrubbed with antibacterial soap; hair shampooed; new white underwear guarded against the old jeans. The plastic gloves and the rain slowed down the digging. The skies opened just a bit more, but enough to wash away progress. Voices from a distance slightly accelerated the final touches. The exact placement of the artifacts was crucial. Finally, success. It was a shallow grave, but it was never meant to be anything more than a beginning.
   The Chicago Park teemed with summer life. Amber light washed over the lazy sun worshippers, glazing them in a healthy hue they did not earn. Dogs chased invisible balls and actual Frisbees in the wet grass, almost tripping women pushing baby strollers worth the price of a small car. The low thrum of conversations, an intermittent rebuke handed down to an out-of-line participant was suddenly obliterated by a shrill, inhuman wail. A collective sucking in of breath heralded the series of joy crushing waves everyone knew were coming.
     Wave One: a young boy collapsed near a group of teenage girls. Normally squealers, the girls silently tried to ease the boy out of his fetal position.  Reluctantly, onlookers approached, knowing their light reverie was scrolling into some kind of weird nightmare.
    Wave Two: a chorus of other worldly screaming came out of children as they abandonede the swings.
   Wave Three: a man screeching, “Get the kids away from the goddamned sandbox, get them OUT OF THERE. Call the cops, there’s a bloody hand sticking out of the sand.” Human sobs were accompanied by police sirens, almost if they were keeping tempo to the chaos. People fled from the blood and the sand.
    Wave Four: a murdered adolescent girl’s mutilated hand reached out of the sand, tripping the boy whose summer dreams would become nightmares, as would the entire city’s.

Elizabeth S. Sullivan was born in Chicago, Illinois and was raised in southern California. Always an avid reader and lover of film, especially film noir, she earned degrees in the humanities, literature, and finally a JD. After graduating law school, she took her own advice given to students; she followed her passion of storytelling and began writing. She has written several award winning screenplays of different genres, all which explore social justice issues and often the dark side of humanity that allows the reflection of the light. Her novel, PURIFIED, explores these themes and passions.
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