Saturday, August 1, 2015

GRAYSON MANOR HAUNTING: Cheryl Bradshaw Haunted House, A Murder, and a Ghost
That Will Not Rest  
Addison Lockhart inherits a house from her recently deceased mother. Grayson Manor affords privacy and a new start, two things Addison craves. She quickly decides to relocate, fully aware that the home will need some TLC. She hires Luke Flynn, a hunky historical renovation architect, to help restore the deserted residence to its former luster, but is anything ever that simple? Not when the supernatural is involved. One night spent in the old place is enough to convince Addison that she’s made a mistake in moving to Rhinebeck, New York. There’s something inhabiting the manor … something with a story to tell about buried secrets … and murder. And the entity is none too quiet about insisting that the truth be uncovered. Addison finds herself a reluctant recruit to unlocking the grisly past. What she discovers is a decades old mystery about an actress that disappeared. As Addison follows the trail of what really happened, it leads straight back to family secrets of her own.
These are just some of the elements of GRAYSON MANOR HAUNTING, a cleverly written tale of suspense and mystery. Cheryl Bradshaw does a wonderful job in tying in and taming a whole lot of story into a smooth-flowing, enjoyable read. Bradshaw also manages to create very memorable characters along the way. Characters such as the likeable heroine, Addison Lockhart. Addison’s psychic powers are given a double-edge sword treatment. The complexity adds depth to this suspense-filled thriller. Is conversing with spirits a blessing or a curse? Addison quickly finds out as she’s plunged into the sordid tale of a missing film star.
The addition of old Hollywood is a nice touch in lending atmosphere. The glamorous era is evocative and sets up a nice excursion into the glory days of studio systems and passions gone awry. In fact, Cheryl Bradshaw is excellent at adding these types of flourishes that round out and complete a picture. It helps sink readers into the story and explains why I sped through the pages, becoming fully vested in finding out what the heck happened to Roxanne Rafferty.
I love stories about haunted houses, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night, so GRAYSON MANOR HAUNTING had my name all over it. Bradshaw does a terrific job of putting her own stamp on things. There’s a quiet confidence created by the author that assures you that you won’t be let down—and you won’t. There’s also a nice tension that’s kept up throughout. I definitely recommend this book for those who like their mysteries bathed in the moonlight of the paranormal. There’s a reason Ms. Bradshaw’s books are so popular and I suggest you find out for yourself. 

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