Wednesday, April 29, 2015

REVEW OF TIN GOD: Stacy Green You Like Taut, This One’s for You
TIN GOD by Stacy Greene is the latest in a string a really good books I’ve downloaded lately. It extends the streak and assures me that great writing is alive and well. 
Jaymee Ballard is a woman with a lot of problems piled on her young shoulders. It’s not bad enough that her boyfriend ran off with the rent money and that her friend/employee Rebecca Newton winds up dead. In the first chapter Jaymee is awarded the privilege of discovering that body. Yuck! That’s enough to make you lose your lunch for about the next ten years. Add in a father I so wanted to punch in the face and one big, humongous, dark secret, and you’ve got a pressure cooker that’s set to explode.
As for pacing, while the first chapter is engaging, it’s not until a couple chapters in that a twist comes out of left field and hits you in the face! It’ll have you shouting, “Wha’ happened?!!!” What can I say? Me liked! I mean, really, really!!! I was so excited that I tore through 30% of the book in one sitting. Only the need to recharge my kindle made me put it down!
As for the protagonist in this story, Jaymee is just such a dear. I became very protective of this woman trying so desperately to get her life back on track. Given her chaotic/abusive background, I well understood how much more difficult that can be. Abuse strips you of self-confidence and makes you very socially awkward most times. Consequently, she keeps quiet when she should be vocal and draw a boundary, and says too much when she should shut up! And talk about trusting the wrong people!!! Yikes!!! Ms. Green has crafted a perfect central character that we can identify with as well as empathize with what she’s going through. But the hurdles Jaymee faces are bigger than her young years and experience can handle. She needs help in solving what’s going on in her life and Rebecca’s murder, and it comes in the form of Nick Samuels. He’s a reporter that was married to Jaymee’s deceased best friend, Lana. Lana was also murdered in a similar way to Rebecca. Could there be a connection? That’s what reporter Nick Samuels aims to find out.
Tin God is an emotional, character-driven story. While the plot is strong, it’s the emotional connection we make with Jaymee that puts this one over the top and makes me so enthused about recommending. I couldn’t stop reading … and couldn’t stop being surprised! If you want to be immersed in a story that keeps you guessing and wondering what the heck is going on, this one is for you! Five stars and a standing ovation for Ms. Green. Truly a perfect read! 

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