Saturday, April 11, 2015

There are a lot of good books around—and this is one of them!
The Lanvin Murders by Angela M. Sanders is why I read books. I go through a ton of them all because, every once and a while, I discover a gem like this. The Lanvin Murders is true entertainment and I have to hand it to Ms. Sanders for deftly handling the layering of this story. What I expected it to be a light, fluffy, Cool Whip type of read turned into something much deeper and more complex. A little bit of historical fact thrown in with accurate descriptions of the setting for atmosphere blended with a complex plot and you have a book that will keep you turning those pages. I also fully appreciated the way the red herrings kept me diverted and led down the garden path. This book is sort of the literary equivalent of the Winchester house that was built with doors leading nowhere and crooked pathways that ended up at dead ends. It makes tracking down the clues great fun.
Joanna Hayworth is the protagonist. The owner of a vintage clothing store, she’s way more into helping customers find the perfect outfit than figuring out how a customer could have broken into her store and ended up dead. And it would have to be a client that used to sell her marvelous classic dresses that included a certain “to die for” Lanvin coat, but who takes phrases literally? Unfortunately, not the victim Marnie Evans. However, all this is enough to get Joanna’s detective wheels turning, and even a warning from her friend/employee Apple about “bad vibes” doesn’t keep her from becoming involved. 
The negatives? It doesn’t really have any. While the ending was more protracted and drawn out than I would have liked it to be, I forgave it because it did deliver. It was more befitting a movie or film so perhaps it was done with this in mind since it culminated in quite a visual.
What can I say? I loved the storyline, loved the quirky characters and loved the way this story is written. Because of all of the above, I heartily recommend The Lanvin Murders to those looking for an enjoyable, fast, satisfying read!
Five stars to this one.   

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