Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review of SINS OF THE FATHER: Emily Organ

Mystery / Thriller / Suspense
Date Published: October 4, 2016

An enemy returns. And this time he has her fooled. If he gets his own way then a little girl will never be seen again.

If you like page turners with absorbing characters and historical detail, then you must read this series by Emily Organ.

Alice de Grey is settling into married life in medieval London, but her world is shattered when her two year old niece, Mary, is kidnapped. As the city searches for the little girl, Alice realises that it was her own mistake which put Mary in danger.

Alice’s adversary, Sir Walter, is back. He has duped her and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Even murder.

Alice is forced to fix her mistake but Mary isn’t the only one to suffer. Sir Walter is one step ahead, and time is running out for Alice and her family.


Thrilling Adventure – Saved the Best for Last!!!

A young girl is kidnapped and bustled through the streets of London. An unexpected bite of a dog causes injury to the toddler’s hand. She cries piteously for her mother, but her abductor ignores the plea and hurries her along in a direction that only takes them farther from the child’s home. After all, someone is waiting, and the person is not someone you disappoint.  

Thus begins the thrilling conclusion of the RUNAWAY GIRL series by Emily S. Organ, one of our most favorite authors. If you’ve been following along with our reviews of this trilogy, you know we loved the first two installments, but what of the third? We’re happy to report that *drum roll* SINS OF THE FATHER IS ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL!!!  

The conclusion to this brilliantly crafted saga is all high tension and nerve-racking drama. We’re spirited back into the fourteenth century where the whole original cast awaits. Alice de Grey finds herself in the center of things—especially after her husband Thomas sets off on another quest to return Sir Walter (boo! hiss!) to face justice for his sins. Prudence is beginning to ask questions about the mother that abandoned her at St. Hugh’s, and Elizabeth? Elizabeth is attempting to learn the fine points of how to run a household. Because of her past, she’s given up all hope of finding a husband, so she devotes herself to being a mother to her beautiful daughter Mary. The toddler is the catalyst for Alice to don her detective hat and find out what is going on.

In this outing, Ms. Organ again shows how exceptionally skilled she in delivering a story. It’s always such a pleasure picking up one of her tales. You’re assured reading pleasure and to be thoroughly entertained. With this epic saga, she’s gone above and beyond in researching the time period. She’s strewn these meticulous historical details that breathe life and authenticity into this work with an artist’s hand. While some of the primitive methodologies used make us cringe, the illumination of what lurks in the human heart reminds us that no matter what the century, human nature hasn’t changed all that much. There has always been evil, and someone intent on performing it will carry it out no matter what.

I LOVED this book and this series. It’s going to stay by my bedside so that I can read it again and again. I truly hope Ms. Organ allows Alice and all her wonderful friends and family to come back in another series. I’d love to see where Alice can take all these newfound detective skills!

Definitely 5.0 stars to SINS OF THE FATHER and the RUNAWAY GIRL trilogy! It’s a superb read and one that’ll have you cheering for the good guys to win!!!

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