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Review of THE LAST CALL: George Wier

THE LAST CALL by George Wier
Mystery / Thriller / Suspense
Date Published: January 10, 2014

A Complex, Intricate Thriller  

Trouble calls in the form of a client called Julie Simmons. Bill Travis can just feel it in his bones, but there’s something greater than logic—it’s called sex. So instead of turning away her, her wild tale of gangs, ill-begotten gains, and the men chasing her, he lets the brain located below his belt do his thinking and tries to help.  

THE LAST CALL by George Wier is a smart, intricate mystery. I have no idea how Mr. Wier kept the details straight, but he did and that’s an achievement in itself. The fact that he made it entertaining ramps it into stupendous.  What I’m saying is that you’re gonna have to put on your thinking cap for this one, folks. So if you prefer a light, breezy read, this is not the story for you. However, there’s way more to THE LAST CALL than just using your noodle, so I say go for it!

This story hinges on Julie Simmons’ sex appeal, and how long she can string a fella along using just that. According to this story, “forever” would be the time frame. Since this obsessive, lusty dynamic between Travis and Simmons is the the glue that keeps the wheels on this go kart, I was intrigued and a little mystified by this actually happening. I can honestly say, I’ve never had Julie’s problem. If I’m lucky, someone gives me a seat on the subway, and it’s usually because I’m ill and looking like I’ll pass out at any moment and not for any prurient reason. But I am making note of Julie’s prowess. I think being able to control men by arching a brow is an awesome superpower that I’d like to have in my next life … but back to the story.

Like I said, everything pretty much oozes out from this sexy, soft center and the book takes on a kind of retro cool. As for Mr. Wier’s writing, it’s spectacular. Love the descriptions and flow of the words. There’s plenty of atmosphere and the phrases are just plain evocative. Love me an author that can write evocative! Oh, and did I mention the humor? Yes, in between the thrills, narrow escapes, and dead bodies, there’s plenty of wit and very dry one-liners. In fact, a lot of the characters that wind up dead have one handy to deliver as they’re giving up the ghost. Not a bad way to go out, actually.

I very much enjoyed the book. It was a different kind of story, original, and very well told. The only thing I didn’t like was that there was a pattern that you’ll catch onto pretty quickly. Because you catch onto it early on, the event acting as the climax for these scenes has to capture our attention since we know one’s coming. I thought at least one of two could have been cut without disturbing the story. It would have broken up the repetition, but, hey, that’s me. I’m sure other readers would like one of two added.

If you’re into old school private eyes who would do anything for the ladies, THE LAST CALL is for you. It conjures up Texas and images of the strong, silent type just aching to do a lady a favor … or two … or three. I think you’ll enjoy—especially the twist at the end. It was unexpected and I appreciated the flourish. I think you’ll also enjoy yelling at Travis not to trust Julie. I know I was and, man, the other passengers on the subway were sure surprised. Was I right in my opinion? Or was I just bitter and jealous about not being a vixen goddess? You get to find that one out on your own.

I’m rating this 4.6 stars. 

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