Thursday, July 16, 2015


LOVED This Book So Much!

An inquest. The tragic death of a young woman who fell off a balcony during a New Year’s Eve party. A coroner concluding it was an accident due to too much alcohol. A quirky individual who won’t let it rest because, as he puts it, “Someone must have seen something.” is the premise of the fantastically entertaining THE OUTSIDER. It’s a classic English mystery that paints a quiet, complex picture of what happens when evil invades the perfect home, the perfect couple, and the perfect life. But was it that? It’s what Richard Cohen means to find out. He’s the quirky individual mentioned earlier, and for him, the case is personal. The gardener knew Lisa Ward, was in love with Lisa Ward— but was he also obsessed? It’s what Lisa’s husband Daniel thinks, and it’s the reason he’s so dismissive of Richard’s very unwelcomed and very intrusive inquiry into his wife’s untimely death. While Daniel and his friends all want to put the heartbreak behind them, Richard’s sleuthing only stirs things up.
There are so many things to love about this book. There’s the strength of the plot, the intelligence of developing memorable characters, and the construction of phrases, but in literature it all comes down to the story. Emily Organ gets that and excels in writing a brilliant one. If you’ve ever watched a flower open using time-lapsed photography, you’ll get an idea of what to expect. The cast reveals themselves slowly, without you realizing the unveiling. Before you know it, they’re fleshed out, and we’re connected so strongly in a very human way. But what’s that shadow to the side? The one stretching across the lawn and just out of reach? It’s the solution—the one we’re committed to finding out. If only that camera pulled back a little further so we could see the secrets … the lies. And so we wait to find out, enjoying being kept in suspense and taking measured steps.
I love all the characters Ms. Organ has created. Daniel Ward is the perfect dichotomy of a self-made millionaire who for all his accomplishments yearns to connect to something real. Then there’s Yasmin Clark, a young college graduate. She’s intent on becoming a journalist, but stuck working as an assistant to a fairly impossible woman who sucks the ambition out of her and leaves her dry. The attraction works. After all, Daniel is the epitome of what she wants to be, and Yasmin? Yasmin is genuine. Tangible. Not someone who’s impressed by what Daniel can buy. She’s only interested in what he is, but that’s the crux of the problem. Is he the man he portrays? The one devastated and left heartbroken and alone by his wife’s demise? Or is he a methodical killer? One that carefully plotted out and executed a cunning murder?
I can’t recommend this book highly enough and am thrilled I ran across it. I’d downloaded a ton of stories and had skimmed the opening chapters of quite a few before clicking on THE OUTSIDER. I’d forgotten what the description said, and had never heard of Emily Organ before, but I thought, why not? I’m so glad I took the chance because I discovered a new favorite author. I have to add tht I was thoroughly dumbfounded by the lack of reviews for Ms. Organ’s work. I looked her up on Amazon when I was just about finished. I figured she had to be a New York Times bestselling author, but nope. I found her author page devoid of even one review. It just goes to show you that there are great undiscovered authors out there, and it’s our job as readers and lovers of books, to find them!
It’s my absolute pleasure to give this work five stars. Ms. Emily Organ, I shall be reading you again so get busy! I’m expecting great things from you and the chance to say, “I told you so!” to those not willing to listen.
In closing: Buy the book! Now!  

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