Sunday, January 18, 2015

REVIEW OF FOREVER GIRL: Rebecca Hamilton GIRL by Rebecca Hamilton is a read that’s perfect at midnight or any other time! It effortlessly straddles the line between inventive thriller, mystery, teasy-hot romance and spine-tingling adventure. It’s sort of like having the perfect beach day and a romp through the cemetery on Halloween happen at the same time!
Sophia Parsons is in the midst of a dilemma. She has a strange static in her head that she can’t seem to get rid of. Is this curse simply the result of having an analog tuner set between channels?  That’s what she needs to find out, but it’s hard when you’re unable to talk about the problem. Sophia decides to conduct her own investigation, and along the way, meets a whole host of characters —including a hot guy named Charles with the dreamiest teal eyes. *drool*
I’ve gotta say that this novel delivers on all levels. Beautifully written, there’s snappy dialog, a very imaginative storyline, and some of the best descriptive passages I’ve read in a quite a while. These sections are uber important since they allow the world Ms. Hamilton created to fully spring to life. The protagonist Sophia is likeable with a very quirky way of phrasing her thoughts and emotions. She’s feisty, but very vulnerable. It’s a tricky balancing act, but this uniqueness is key and carried throughout the cast. All the members of this ensemble are each given a uniqueness that makes them interesting and keeps them from being all lumped together in some awful fondue-like mélange. While it takes more time for an author to imbue each with their own personality and not make them stereotypical, it’s a joy for the reader and something we appreciate.
The pacing is taut with just the right amount of sticky flirty stuff to give us a refreshing respite from the mystery of where Ms. Hamilton is leading us. I loved the interplay between Sophia and her boy … well, “creature” toy. Their growing attraction added a richness to the story, but there was plenty of the paranormal to keep us on our toes and wondering who is what and what team they were really playing on. And you gotta love a book that features Elementals, a hot spot called Club Flesh and the forces of the Universe conspiring to help one little slip of a girl right the bad things going on in the world. In fact, I’d suggest the Universe enlist the aid of about a kabillion more people in that endeavor!
I very much enjoyed FOREVER GIRL. Oh, and as for the title: a big shoutout to the backstory and how this particular phrase came about. There’s a story-in-a-story tucked away in here, and gosh do I love that sort of thing! Nothing gives me more chills than when someone adds in a flashback where we’re taken through history and allowed to see what really happened through a character’s eyes. It’s bang on done right and I thoroughly savored that excursion into time.
I HIGHLY recommend this book and suggest you pick yourself up a copy. You’ll appreciate the attention to detail that Ms. Hamilton uses; she obviously did her homework. But the fact that she didn’t stop there and chose to put her own spin on things is what makes FOREVER GIRL so special and a book you’ll love.
Five stars for FOREVER GIRL!


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